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There’s one question about Facebook I get more often from my clients and people I meet at seminars and online:

“How do you actually make money with Facebook?”

I learned and implemented several wealth-building habits I gleaned from listening to the greats like Earl Nightingale and Maxwell Maltz.

You already have the talent…facebook-fanpagejetpack

…you just need my proven blueprint!

Here’s Your Ticket To The Fast Lane Of Renegade Entrepreneurship!

Believe me, life is a LOT easier when you’re able to cherry-pick clients and customers, and create your business the way YOU want…to fit YOUR lifestyle.

By implementing the strategies and tools inside of Fan Page Jetpack you can give your Facebook page a competitive edge…so that more clients and customers come to YOU.

That’s what my top clients and members enjoy on a daily basis.  And none of this happens without experiencing a quantum boost in the key metrics that lead to Facebook page profitability: increased traffic, leads, and sales.

Because if you’re going to just sit on your duff and NOT implement… you’ll end up in “average-land”…where the mediocre reside.

You’ll always be wondering “what could have been” while your competitors who know these secrets are eating you for lunch.

So I decided to dig deep, deep, deeeeeeep into the archives of marketing achievement and productivity to generate 8 brand new Facebook marketing resources I wouldn’t get caught DEAD without if I were on a stranded island.

These 8 strategies are used by all top-earning, top producing super entrepreneurs like myself, my top clients, and other business people and multi-billion dollar mega brands.

And I decided to reveal these resources to my personal newsletter only because I didn’t want just anyone to get a hold of these strategies and tools—just hardcore ‘action-takers’…

Here’s What I’ve Got

Fan Page Jetpack is everything you need to create a profitable and successful business from your Facebook page.

This product has everything you need to succeed, from content, to lead magnet templates, and even complete sales letter templates that can help you make sales so you can literally turn your Facebook page into a cash machine!

Here are more details about what is inside this powerful product:

A Full Year of Awesome Content

Facebook status updates are often more effective than ads and you can use to build your brand for FREE.

I’ve collected over 365 of my most successful Facebook posts are organized and easy to use and keep track of.

Post these updates for a more fun and engaging page that will keep you in the top of mind of your fans.

Inside this awesome resource you’ll find:

  • Over 100 of My Best Inspirational Quotes
  • Dozens of Engaging Questions to Ask Your Fans
  • Over 40 Fill in the Blank Posts
  • Posts With Calls to Action Built In
  • Some of The Most Viral Facebook Posts Ever Published
  • Funny Status Update Ideas and More!

Fantastic Timeline Cover Templates

Your Facebook cover photo is the first thing people see when they visit your page.

Make sure your first impression is a great one by creating an awesome cover photo for your brand with one of our easy to use templates which include:

  • 20 Awesome Looking Timeline Cover Styles
  • Make The Biggest Part of Your Page Pop
  • Wood, Metal, Paper and Gradient Styles
  • Customize With a Call-to-Action or Graphics
  • Use as a Billboard For Your Brand
  • Create a Cool Custom Experience For Your Facebook Fans
  • Gain Online Fame and Success as a Facebook Savvy Professional

Amazing Facebook Sales Letter Templates

The late great Gary Halbert said there is no problem that the right sales letter can’t fix and in terms of dollars and cents he was absolutely right.

Gary explained the difference between being rich and being broke can be one good sales letter.

A sales letter is the oxygen that your business needs to breathe since the sales it provides gives your business the cash flow it needs to survive.

To exponentially grow your revenues from Facebook in the fastest time possible you need to develop compelling sales copy that makes people want to buy what your are offering.

To help you skyrocket your Facebook sales I have worked with a world class designer and developed premium sales letter templates that you can use to capture the imagination of your fans and covert them into paying customers.

There is not enough room on this page to showcase these templates entirely without making you scroll for days so I took a few screen grabs and compiled them into the image below so you have an idea of the awesome quality we have created:

  • 10 Awesome Looking Premium Visual Sales Templates
  • .PSD Files Ready for You to Use and Profit From
  • Full 810 Pixel Width
  • Massive Templates (Up to 6400 Pixels Long)
  • Use These To Integrate Your Facebook Page With a PayPal Shopping Cart System
  • The total length of these sales letter templates is over 60,000 pixels long!

…and we’re even going to give you the tools and the app you need to get your fans to check your awesome new sales letter out!

Premium Facebook Page Graphics Kit

The main thing that separates your page and the pages of multi-billion dollar brands is the design…

…but now with our Premium Facebook Page Graphics Kit you can step your design game up and get closer to your first billion with the awesome designs inside our premium graphics kit!

This bonus features:

  • 202 Premium Graphics to Pimp Out Your Page
  • Picture Frames, Computer Screen, and Tablet Graphics
  • Gold, Red, Black, and Blue Stars
  • Hand Drawn Arrows and Tons of Other Great Styles!
  • Computer, Shelf, Ribbon, and Button Graphics

Bonus eBook: 101 Ways to Get More Likes on Facebook

This powerful 57 page Facebook Marketing eBook contains our best tips to help you get likes for your Facebook page and the content you post.

This eBook is the most extensive and detailed guide of Facebook fan getting tips available today.

  • Get Thousands of Facebook Fans for FREE!
  • Powerful Online and Offline Ways to Get More Likes
  • How To Get More Likes With Your Website
  • Discover The Best Ways To Get More Page, Website and Post Likes
  • This eBook is an Expanded Version of an Article That Was #1 in Google for “Get More Facebook Likes” for Months

Risk Free Money-Back Guarantee

You have absolutely nothing to worry about when buying Fan Page Jetpack – your investment is fully guaranteed!

money back-guarantee

First, download the program, open up the content, and if you cannot see the Facebook Fortunes forming before you then the product doesn’t deserve any more of your time and you will get a full refund.

Even after putting it through the gauntlet, you can put it all into place for a full 60 days, and still you’re protected with a no questions asked, friends to the end refund guarantee.

So, are you satisfied with your current level of Facebook wealth creation? If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you’re always looking for the “edge” when it comes to getting an advantage over your competition.

Now’s the time to stop settling for the “status quo” in your business and start implementing what the “heavy hitters” do when it comes to productivity and getting things done quickly.

Take action today and don’t let this limited time launch special escape you!

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